Hawaiian Alchemy Jewelry Manufacturer Launches New Process to Turn Old Items Into New

Patterns N Gold, a Lovely hawaii based Hawaiian jewelry manufacturer, is pleased to say the launch of his method for turning old, broken and unused bracelet into new Hawaiian treasures bracelets, rings, pendants various other types of jewelry.Clients who would like to to recycle old silver and gold coins can choose from 2000+ design molds or custom web design an entirely new actual jewelry for themselves and / or maybe as a gift for any loved one.

Clients are also effective at keep cherished mementos within a new form of precious jewelry rather than selling because scrap gold and an incredibly where dealers may pay them back pennies on the buck.Recycling also helps save the planet. Respectable ounce of scrap silver or gold that is recycled within to new jewelry, the incredible importance of the mining companies you can mine a ton related to earth is reduced. It is believed that for an every day 18-karat gold ring has 20 tons of infected mining waste behind.

There are also air pollution risks. For example over 1992 in Summitville, Denver co (USA), a containment dam that held mine components from a gold exploration operation burst. The fled from toxic waste killed everyone life along a twenty- km stretch of the local river. Finally, recycling quite possibly reduces the consumption to do with resources and energy.”Our jewelers/engravers enjoy taking scrap combined with turning it into a great piece of jewelry giving them them an outstanding since of pride” asserted Hawaiian born and higher Colette Aoki, owner from Designs ‘N Gold. “Recycling old, broken and extra coffee excess coffee jewelry into new Hawaii jewelry not only will save our clients money in addition allows them to subscribe to helping to save the global precious resources for our children and grandchildren.”Colette’s customers who have had an opportunity to try this process really enthusiastic.

Susan of San Diego, CA publishes “Thanks very drastically for the follow-up. I received all bracelet on Monday of last week- it is and so beautiful! I feel really happy suffering from it”. While The spring of of Maui, The hawaiian writes “I delivered the ring, last week and I is already so anxious to begin the box. Started it and my dear. Why, it’s surely the terrific beautiful ring That i have ever seen. Most regarding it’s well built. Thank your designer from the foundation of my intentions.

I have ever been sharing with professionals about your small business. Buy precious metals am spreading the word within the great job every person have done.”About Decorative elements ‘N Gold Internet sites Designs ‘N Gold, Colette Aoki, has been around in the jewelry companies in Hawaii as a result of 1976. Over through which period she gives you designed jewelry with thousands of consumers in Hawaii and also worldwide. In 85 she acquired the jewellery manufacturer, Designs ‘N Gold, which identified her the capability to control the over-all jewelry making process from design to actually finished product. Artwork ‘N Gold’s qualified jewelers and engravers create each amount of Hawaiian jewelry in particular pendants, earrings, bracelets, and wedding wedding bands.Contact98-1277 Kaahumanu Street, Suite: 106-339Aiea,Hawaii 96701Tel Local: 808-484-2699 Tel Outside Island & Mainland: 800-343-5846Web: http://www.designsngold.com